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expert placement services

Innovation & Excellence

We connect top patent litigators with preeminent expert witnesses.

The 830 Group is dedicated to the success of your case, and we understand how critical these expert witnesses are to its success.

We Know Them or We Vet Them

The 830 Group does not search a database of 1000s of consultants. We maintain a database of selected experts that have been referred to us by our clients and have been vetted by our own testifying experts.

  • We have experienced their expert testimony
  • We are aware of the quality of the expert reports
  • We ensure the highest level of relevant technological knowledge

How We Do It

We perform our own Daubert or “voir dire” process to ensure the expert provides un-refutable technical expertise, unquestionable reliability; and a degree of trustworthiness that provides the means for a successful project.

Our exclusive approach to finding technology expert witnesses yields the best industry experts for your consideration. We have some of the highest standards within our industry for technology expert witnesses. We engage in comprehensive strategies to search out the witness that will provide you with objective reporting and testimony.

  • We do all necessary research and preparation to know as much as possible about the case situation and expertise match before contacting experts.
  • We give the experts relevant information for him/her to adequately evaluate the needs and corresponding qualifications, including potential conflict.
  • We work with the expert during the recruiting process and after selection to ensure that we have the right person for the job.

We look forward to a long-term relationship serving you with your patent litigation cases.